Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's time.

Sometimes I just don't have anything kind to say.  Not to you, not even to myself.  On any given days I'd sit myself down breathing in deep, asking myself how I should best feel, and what I should best say.  But today, I just choose not to care and my not  caring means, my not saying  anything.  At all. 
I don't feel like making you feel better about yourself or less guilty of something I quietly blame you for.  I don't feel like reconsidering whether or not I should even blame you in the first place!  I don't care about making myself sound like I have everything under control and that all is well, deep down or on the surface.  I don't feel like looking up for anything soothing and wise from any books just so I can make myself believe that I, in all of my beings, am not alone.
Sometimes, I just don't have anything kind to say.  And today... is that time.

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