Thursday, September 29, 2011

It Ain't Business.

A guy requested to be my Facebook friend the other day. There were no messages, no introduction, but because I thought the name looked familiar,  I accepted the request.

It turns out that I never knew him at all. We may have one insignificant mutual friend but we'd never actually crossed paths. What I thought I knew about him, or where I thought he came from is not at all correct.  But as much as I don't know him, I do think I know the kind.

He is one of those kinds who like to see big numbers on his Friends List. It doesn't matter if he hasn't met these friends for many many years, in fact it doesn't matter if he hasn't met them at all.

We make new friends sure we do, but making new friends comes with endless questions you may get tired of answering, but this guy is contented knowing I've added a digit to his list. And that's all.

I've passed that age and stage where I get excited making 'friends' with total strangers.  So Mr.-I-Don't-Want-to-Know-You, I'm removing you from list.

No it's nothing business, it's personal.

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