Thursday, May 6, 2010

More of Less.

For awhile there I just lost it.

No. 'It' is an understatement.

I lost them. For while. I guess.

The excitement, the curiosity, the thrill, the wanting, I lost them all. Nothing seemed to have awoken me up from my state of lossfullness, if there was such a thing. Well, not that I waited to be woken up anyhow. I didn't mind.

But the thing is, not only I didn't mind, I didn't care either.

And this return from the loss, if you will, is out of an unnecessary obligation that I am back to feeling. Like owing an explanation. Like answering a question, un-asked.

Weird though, it was when I lost them all, that I was found. Like it was a complete totality on the opposite side of my lost world. Like it was an either-or more than a neither-nor.

Obviously, though not quite apparent, I am back not to make more sense, but less.

Hehe...I haven't changed much have I?


Wiz said...

While you are at it you must make it a point to watch "The Land Of The Lost" You would want to get lost all over again.

Nice to have you back Mas.

Effa Mas said...

Oh I will Wiz. I guess sometimes, being lost is not such a bad thing after all kan?

Good to be back sis. :)