Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Change in Return.

My bill was RM5.80 for my lunch yesterday and upon reaching the counter I handed the cashier RM10 note. She gave me RM4.80 for my change.

At first without thinking, I said my thank you and walked away.

But three steps later, re-counting the four 20 cents coins in my hand, re-calculating the change in my head, I stopped. As natural as it might have been, I returned to the cashier and handed her the extra 60 cents. She was first confused, then blushed then thankful. I assumed.

As I walked back to my car, I got into thinking.

I wondered what new car, an extra 60 cents could have bought me...


pakmat said...

salam em..no I am not trying to understand you..so I am saving it..:)but this old man enjoys reading your blog..simple..yet intrigueing..
the 60cents? can buy you a beemer..if there is enough of it..but the cashier will have her pay deducted on reconciliation at the end of the day..:)cheers

Effa Mas said...
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Effa Mas said...

Salam PakMat,

I'm relieved my unfriendly welcome - though unintended - did not deter you from reading on, hehe.

A beemer? You just restored hope Sir, nonetheless. :)

Thank you for the visit. :)

Mazlizan bin Mohamed said...

salam,bagusla return balik...itu bukan hak kita. Kalau ambil silap2 lagi 10 tahun tak boleh lupa terambil hak orang lain.