Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Man in My Rear Mirror

I'm assuming he was sending her to a nursery, on his way to work. Clean shaven, waxed hair, pressed shirt, a matching tie. I'm sure he had his pants on somewhere behind the dashboard.

And she looked just as clean, standing on the passenger seat with the belt on. Her locks tucked behind her ears still shining from her early morning bath, a dress and a matching smile. And a glow.

And a halo.

She was probably around 4. And she was saying something. I didn't have to make out what it was, there was no need. Whatever it was they were sharing seemed seriously insignificant compared to what I was quietly stealing from them.

Just as the light turned green again, I caught a smile escaping his straight face...slowly into a grin, then into little giggles that relaxed his entire face so much so that his eyes turned into nothing but a smitten blush. Like he was released from all pretenses.

Like he was falling in love all over again.

I almost made a u-turn home that morning.

My day was made.

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