Monday, December 7, 2009

A Treadmill Mild Threat.

I was on a treadmill at the gym some time last week - yeah I'm showing off my newly picked up hobby - and running next to me was a tall, very dark, and presumably handsome guy.

'Presumably' because I only saw him from the corner of eye. I didn't turn to look. I could not bring myself to.

I couldn't risk the chances of him knowing how I felt about his presence. I mean, I wasn't sure if we'd met before, surely we hadn't or I would have remembered him...but the truth was too hard to bear. I wanted to hit the Stop button and just quit but I couldn't bring myself to do that too so I stayed.

5 minutes left on the machine before I should slow down. I pretended to watch the TV right in front of me as I eventually slowed down to brisk walking. When my time was finally up, I graciously reached for my water bottle and face towel and stepped down from the machine, breathing and looking as normally as I possibly could. He must not know I needed to get away from him. The closeness was tormenting me.

Leaving the gym I wondered if I had done the right thing. Should I've just told him what I wanted to say? Would that be too forward for a lady like me? Should I just keep avoiding him the next time he runs next to me?

Man! How do I tell him he stinks?!

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