Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiat Not Broken, Hati Not Healed.

Unlike this 'Matt and Miss Tepung' whom I know pretty well (you know who you are hehe...), I don't really go for pizza. Yumm all you want but neither the tepung nor it's sticky springy meleleh cheese can make me drool.

The soul reason why I'd still give it a go from time to time however, is because where I'm at, I don't have to GO and get it. It comes to me when I call. So you can say that the convenience, is even more menyelerakan than the makanan.

Anyway, there was this one blue day when I actually needed to be somewhere else but I went ahead and made that fatful call first before leaving. I shouldn't have. But I did.

I had too much faith in me that my relationship with Pizza Hut must have blossomed over the long period of silence between us. I thought my heart has gotten cold and Pizza Hut's gotten delivery-ly hot. I was wrong.

I was promised a 45-minute delivery.

Ninety minutes later, as I got tired of standing by the window, I decided to make a second call. Don't you just loathhhhee making these kinds of calls?! Malas nyaaaa nak bertekak when I know I'll be getting alasan demi alasan no matter what innocent denials they tell themselves!

I was given yet another promise. That the delivery guy had already left with my order and he should be at my doorstep in ten minutes, AND I'd get a free voucher for their late service.

Free vouchers kunun! Like that was gonna heal me! Tak pe, we'll see.

Ten minutes later, nothing happened. No doorbells, no delivery boy, no pizzas, no eat, no mood. I had to wait yet another thirty minutes before I got a call from the delivery boy.

"Kak, Akak ada order pizza kan?"

I almost said "Yes, 2 years ago," but I managed an "Iyyaa".

"Ok macam ni, saya dah sampai kat bawah apartment akak ni, akak turun amik boleh?"


Tetiba I felt dizzy. Then I felt like sensenging tangan baju, tangan seluar, tangan tudung semua! Budak ni nak kena pelangkung dengan aku ni! "Kenapa pulak saya yang nak kena turun?! Tak pernah-pernah dalam seumur hidup saya order delivery tapi kena pegi amik sendiri! Baik saya pegi amik kat dapur kedai je tadi!".

" Akak duduk block mana ek?" Aiiik? Macam mana engkau dah sampai baru nak tanya dinda di mana?

"Block Tujuuuhhhhh".

"Mmm...Block Tujuh, tingkat berapa?"

"Tingkat sepuluhhh". I almost cried.

"Sepuluh? Tingginya Kak?!"

That's it! "Bukannya awak kena naik tangga!" By now my voice had reached Level 45.

Never in my life had I come across such a +*!$#&@ something something! Oh my goodness gracious! Don't they know how vicious hungry customers can be?!

Belum sempat I habis meraungkan lara hati to my fellow hungry-mates, my doorbell rang.

I opened the door and there he was, the boy. Really, he was biologically a boy aging somewhat 16 or 8, looking as young and frightened as he should be.

There were no greetings from neither of us. He just handed me my pizzas, and as I was putting them down I saw that the boxes were damp and cold and lunyai. As damp and cold and lunyai nya hati I seeing my most-fought-over food looking like it had come from the bottom of a garbage bin.

"Mana Free Vouchers nya dik?"


"Customer Service kata saya dapat Free Vouchers".

"Mmm...err..Free Vouchers? Saya tak tau. Manager saya tak cakap pun pasal tu Kak."

I didn't wanna let it go easy, not then. "Awak call dia sekarang!".

"Err...Kak, battery saya dah habis la." Entah ya, entah tidak!

"Battery awak habis, battery saya banyak. Biar saya call. Bagi saya phone number manager awak".

I didn't notice if his hands were shaking, but I knew mine were. Upset tak upset nya I di kala itu! Ada lagi yang nak kena baham ni!

I asked the manager about the vouchers, but I didn't stop there. I grumbled and whined about her lunyai late service, about having been asked to get the pizzas from downstairs, about her pizza boxes and pizza boy yang lembik.

The manager's excuse was that the boy was new.

She asked me if I'd like a replacement.

What did you think I said?

I let the delivery boy go after paying what I owed him. He looked like he wanted to flee the scene as soon as he got the money but I stopped him.

"RM45.20 kira dulu!"

He did. Then he looked at me, and nodded, signaling that the amount was right.

"Dik, lain kali...belajar! Tak tau, tanya!"

I don't know if he did learn any lessons that day. But if I were him I'd learn never to deliver me anything ever again!

We were halfway through stomaching pizza lunyai when the bell rang.

There he was, the same lunyai boy, with not-at-all lunyai newly baked pizzas.

Apart from my Thank You and four large boxes of pizzas, there were still no greetings from us. I let him go and closed the door. Delivering me more pizzas within twenty minutes, I think he was punished enough.

p/s: This is in response to Ngah's request that I blog about it. She was at the scene as my witness, and happens to be the mother of the Matt Tepung in question. Miss Tepung's identity will be revealed when necessary.


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