Saturday, December 19, 2009

Making Ummi's Day.

It's Ummi's birthday tomorrow. She would have been 61. But because life has decided that it was time for her to rest, it took her back before she got to live that number. If it had been an open discussion when that decision was made, we would have screamed a big painful No! I tell you. But I guess such is life. And such is loss.

So if she was around she'd get wishes and kisses from her husband of 38 years, her 8 over-protective children and 4+2 adoring grander children. She'd get cakes but she'd be the last one to even get close to the candles because she'd let the 4+2 monchies take turn blowing them and that, would be her kind of celebration.

She'd get presents but unless we insist that she opens them herself, she'd distribute them to each of her little screamers to unwrap. And if the gifts were something she could put on, she would put them on the very second they touch her hands.

And she may have tears in her eyes but we'd all pretend not to see it.

And she would talk about it for days, to everyone else who wasn't there to share it.

Happy birthday tomorrow Mi!


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Mimi said...

She'll be glad in somewhere we don't know :)