Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Episodes.

A little over three years ago I had a little too much on me, to love. I have no idea how that happened (well, maybe a little) but it did. Then a little after a year later I started shrinking, literally. And I mean, really.

I amused myself thinking that the pool at Ngah's house shredded my fat to pieces but after a while more, I got nervously curious. Was my congkang-kelalak swimming style really that magical? Or was there something spookier that was eating me alive?

And so I enjoyed losing weight a little lesser by the kilos. Because with those shed-off pain, I gained a few other pouts my head (plus 3 other doctors' supposedly-smart head) couldn't explain.

I was hungry all the time, so I ate all the time. Though I ate all the time, I kept losing weight all that time. (Heaven though kan? :))

My nights were frustratingly sleepless, at times I felt like crying. At other times I felt like chewing on pills.

Oh I couldn't stand heat! And by heat I mean 16 degrees C. I felt panas temperature-ly and my hati was panas aggravatingly so easily!

But weirdly so, I shivered. My whole body. My back, my bones, my voice. I quivered so frenziedly that it shook my heart. My resting heartbeat was 130/minute. Even when I was sleeping I was running...

...and now I gotta run to class...hehe.

To be continued...

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moga dapat jawapan dan kesihatan kembali. take care.