Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yang Tinggal.

Aidil Adha semalam, genaplah 50 hari Ummi pergi. Whether or not we've let her go, she's gone. She wont be there when we go home. She wont be there, anywhere, anymore.

And like I have failed a few things in life, I have failed writing about her. Even that. I'd feel miserable. And I'd indeed failed miserably.

I'm aware of what yesterday was. I did. But as if life had to be punished, nobody was home to celebrate it. But then again, maybe it's that, that we walked away from. Celebrating. rendang, no baju Raya this time.

But if death is what life is about, then we are dealing with it, celebrating or mourning, together or alone.

It hasn't been easy. Still, I pray that it will never be.


nurul said...

salam takziah, my dear. that pic of yours reminds me of my mom. i have the same pic... my mom in the purple hospital dress and anak tudung...

on 28 Syawal 1428, she's gone...and yes, it hasn't been easy... so true

Effa Mas said...

Takziah to u and family too Nurul. Thank u for stopping by.

My mom passed away on 18 Syawal recently.

Apparently we're never really in this alone kan.

meow said...

so sorry to hear this. my condolences to you and your family. *hugs*