Sunday, September 6, 2009

So That Isn't Life.

Twenty years ago, the only choice i knew was to live life like it was an obligation regardless of whether or not i understood what the heaven it meant. I just knew not to ask. I did what i was expected to do and i was expected to finish what i did. Never questioned, never strayed.

Ironically that difficult life made me what i am today and without force, i am humbly gratified.

But twenty years later - to someone else whose blood inescapably relates to mine - life is seemingly a matter of 'un-choosing' choices he once made, like it is as legal as hitting on his Backspace key, like his life owes nobody.

I am going home today to break the news to him that life is not that kind. Life is never kind, if he's not.


Wiz said...

You've been to good Mas, always too good to others. And I am sure you will be well rewarded, here and the hereafter k. Amin

serenerene said...

I'm with you, sista!

Time to knock some sense into his head, huh? :)

enidajohnson said...

I am with you, have always been and on this one... I am you!

All the ways, always.

Mimi said...

You must be tired...