Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sleeping Story.

I love sleeping too. Any normal human beings do it, it's re-energizing, it makes you forget stuff, it lets you be lazy as if you're not already but can you please not announce it as your hobby? I mean, i'm not encouraging deceits or anything, you've read my previous entry but hey...have a little pride will you please?

Like say...picking your nose. Simply hypnotizing ain't it. My nephew does it every sneaky chance he gets but there are things that you just do NOT say out loud especially, oh please, especially NOT as you're introducing yourself to a group of audience for the very first time! Come on la, who in the whole wide world...well, putting a few things aside, are enemies with sleeping...yes? But to say that it is a hobby above all else is just...pathetic! No matter how true that is.

If you do, do that...well, don't blame me if all i can see you in, are pyjamas and your bed. And all i can take you as, are sluggish and messy and stinky and you deserve to be around no one, particularly me.

Now before you put your rebuttals on a list, rest assured I'm not denying the significance of sleeping because if you do, you need to get a good resting sleep before you reread this entry.

Sleep well now.


la Signora said...

I remember one icebreaking session when I first worked at Tidak Mungkin Berhad.We were asked to introduced ourselves (in the most interesting manner.Let's face it, kalau boring,memang sah tak ingat nama.I like to leave a good impression.For professional reasons, of course).One guy, stood up, introduced himself and said that 'tido' was his hobi.This was followed by other people.I was not amused, and made a mental-note about orang² camni.They think it's funny or 'cool' but to me, it reflects their attitude toward budaya kerja profesional kinda thing.

Saya pun suka tido gak.Tapi let's just leave that in my weekend-closet lah kan.Right?

Effa Mas said...

Exactly my point sis. I kesian la org mcm gitu, dah la they dont have anything better to say, lagi mau advertise. Yg they think it's cool tu yg tak sanggup dengar tuh!

enidajohnson said...

It's almost better to say, "My hobby is farting!" even, kan? Because people WILL remember whom they have to keep themselves away from!