Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Truth That Lies.

It's just amazing how some people think they can lie to you like it's their second skin. But it's more than that when they fool themselves into thinking that the whole world will never, ever, find out. I guess somebody really needs to draw them the world, just so they realize that it is small? Hello?

So I've been thinking, what is it about lies that they get to me like arrows drawn right to my very heart? Apa yang sakit hati sangat sampai I'm writing it ni?

Well...they pain me, yes. In fact, to the very core of my being. But you know what, i realize that for good people like us, with only good humble pure intentions at heart...our trusting selves will heal.

Into nothing.


So nothing that we don't even pray for only truths, anymore. So nothing that we take in more lies like they are our second skin.

Go ahead and lie to me. At lease I know who's the fool.


Wiz said...

Ok I confessed! I lied about not being jealous of your trip to Paris.

I wished I was there instead of you...there I said it.

Aaaaa lega. What's that what you had in mind? Or did I give away too much? heeeeeeeeeeeee

Effa Mas said...

Ha tu lah! Biasanya org baik-baik jugak la yg berlombe nak cakap benar eceh. Kalau i tau you jealous kan Wiz, i bawak balik Eiffel Tower tu yg mana dapat hehe.