Friday, July 24, 2009

Hooked on Books.

When you're in that rare mood to read, and you find yourself going back and forth those endless shelves at either Borders or MPH, or Kinokuniya how do you do it? I mean, yeah, how do you pick out a novel, decide on it, and triumphantly make it to the cashier?

Does it depend on:-
1. the title?
Me: Yes. I won't go near anything that spoils my imagination like We're NOT Meant To Be. (Duhh!)
Me: These days I cover my eyes passing through those with the word 'Shopaholic'. (No offence)
Me: I'm so easily attracted to the ones in the form of a question like Will You Be There?

2. the design of the cover?
Me: Ideally no, but for me Yes. I find that my eyes skip those with stick men or real photos or real men, or real women for that matter because they influence my own already wild imaginations of how the characters should look like. I prefer either a blurry real photo of say a pair of hands, or somebody from behind, or better, something i cant even define.

3. the synopsis?
Me: Do you even read the synopsis? Well i do, i mean, how else would you decide but lately i notice that i've avoided doing even that. I find that some synopsis spoils the thrill of reading or worse, it doesn't even do justice to the story.

4. the author?
Me: I try not to. I don't wanna be stuck on one author and miss out on the others. Sometimes I get tired of how stereotypical they can be. But of course i do have favourites.

5. the price?
Me: Nope. (My theory: One only brings himself to enter a bookstore when one is ready to do a little rare spending)

6. the similarities between the fiction and your reality?

Me: Naah. Haven't found one anyway.

7. the first page of the first chapter?
Me: Yes oh yes! I believe that's where i can tell whether or not the novel is my kind of novel. If i like the first page, i'd like the rest of it. If i get nauseas, i'd drop it. This one here is the defining factor ladies and gentlemen. If the book is wrapped, i'd either tear it, or i'll just forget about tearing it because there are cameras everywhere and so eventually i'll forget about the novel too. I'm not a risk-taker when it comes to novels, no way.

So, if a novel has it all, i'll run to the cashier with a copy in my hand. That will be my lucky day. But if i find only 1/7 that's when i'll be going back and forth the whole bookstore looking for that one perfect book, until that perfect book finds me, or so they say.

I know two of which have just found me. Now if you excuse me...


Wiz said...

MAs, when you have a hole in your wallet like myself, the only books I can afford to bring home are the ones from secondhand shop outlets. Masa tu, mak ai rasa mcm orang kaya sgt sebab sekali beli dalam 7 to 8 buah. Dah nak dekat setahun baru habis 2 1/2 buah ha hah ha, Masa beli tamak saya. Tak hingat.

Mimi said...

Wow this is fun... thanks for sharing this. I rarely buy novels, but if I do, here's what I might think...

Firstly, I hate novel. Languages don't make any differences. I just can't read novel. It's too long. Unless somethings attract me to read the novel, such as good advert or whatever. Ok, so, what makes me pick up a novel, and decide on it, and bring it to the cashier?

1. The title?
This apply to the books I've never heard about the respective author, and do no promotions at all. If the title has some very particular words such as death, ghost, myths, religions, or anything related with fantasies and darkness, the percentage of me to read the synopsis will be 80%. If I see any books with "love" in the title, then it will be 100% for me to read the synopsis. So does that makes me a romance reader? Hmm not really.

2. The design of the cover?
For me, yes. Especially cartoon/comic/manga/anime/semi-realism arts.

3. The synopsis?
Yes. No, I mean no. Well. It depends on how interesting the synopsis can be. 99% after I glance through the synopsis I'll put it back to the rack. Synopsis won't do much. Unless, the main couple in the plot is 2 guys. Cheers.

4. The author?
Hohoho. This is interesting. If I see any name who have written some overrated and dumb and makes-my-eyes-bleeding novels,I'll just walked away right after I stop my eyes from bleeding. Simple, because this kind of author will surely make a same story again with different characters.

5. The price?
Holy. THIS is the main factor. But if I really really like the book, I'll just beg my mother. Duh, I've just lost my part time job.

6. The similarities between the fiction and your reality?
Okay, I've never thought about this before. Let see: A book about a girl who is fat and ugly, shy and clumsy, without any talents except talking to cats, can't do well in her studies but so much better than her course mates in drawing, language, history and any other things which doesn't related to studies at all, thinks herself enjoy being single but always envy others have a cute boyfriend, being fanatic with gays love fiction and manga, a 85% otaku, incapable of doing anything except making jokes which lead her into troubles all the time... Sounds interesting, gotta find out how she's gonna continue with her pathetic life :)

7. The first page of the first chapter?
If I am able to read the first page, I'll put the book back to the rack after finish it. For me, novel is good enough for one-time-reading. Unless... unless I want to recommend the book to my family and friends. Maybe haven't found the book which speak to me yet.

I prefer to stick with a book with many short stories in. It makes a good accompaniment while eating meals. Yea I'm only read while eating. I'm a loser.