Saturday, July 11, 2009

Forgiving a Forget-fool.

I forgot something...again, to a point that i might have lost that something...again. So i don't like myself very much right now. I'm praying this too shall pass...this phase-of- forgetting-things thing, and this not-liking-myself thing. But even though i know it most probably will, i still can't make myself like myself any better. Not right now.

You see, other than forgetting and losing that something tonight, i've been forgetting and losing some other things too. And as much as i can try to convince myself what a good excuse i possibly have, i find it hard to believe that i do.

I'm human, and so i forget yes i know that. But what comes with forgetting and losing those things that i should in the first place remember is a punishment i hate to bear. I hate dragging other people into the mess i make. I hate asking for help when it should have been completely uncalled for.

And i hate feeling hopeless. There's not enough comfort in the world that could replace this regret for not making a point to remember the things that i should.

Maybe some day i'll come to terms with this. Maybe some day when i forget and lose even more i'll just let the bigger power step in and stop worrying and regretting.

Yes...maybe some day.

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