Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Which Witch?

Will you believe me if i say that i am a witch?

Imagine me how you want, wearing all black, flying on a broom, laughing my fangs out, ...anyhow you want.

But how i look like, is the least of my significance. You gotta ask me what i can do.

Come on, ask me.


Enida said...

I believe it's what you DO do that makes you a witch, not so much of what you CAN do.

So, what have you done? Hehehe.

I know one witch. She's pregnant now. Like all other witches, she doesn't know who's baby she's baking in her tummy.

Uh...is this kind of witch spelled with a 'W' or 'B' eh? Not sure witch is witch oready!

Effa Mas said...

Woohoo...wow you're a pitch!

Seriously, i think a W to begin with, is much more innocent than a B.

It takes lotsa practice to upgrade a witchself to a B...but then again, we know for sure that the one you're talking about, has years and years of practice or maybe, she was born errmm... a which?

Enida said...

Born a W and now a self-made B. She should just hitch away and throw herself in a ditch.

Wiz said...

Mas, witch tu kira cute lagi la especially when you include a broom in the picture. It reminds me mcm citer bewitched tu kan, cute. But if you put in a malay context like nenek kebayan ker eeeeeeeeeeeee baru I takut. Which one are you? an omputeh one with a flying broom(eh boleh I tumpang if you can fly) or with a crooked stick and a hunchback?