Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Patrick

Once upon a time, as i was walking in a park named after a king, i decided to sit at one of the many benches. The view right by the bench was simply breathtaking i felt i could lose myself in it.

Little did i realize that what i lost that day was not myself, thank goodness, but my phone.

Being at a park which was named after a king, i wasn't sure if i could find my lost phone. I mean, somebody was definitely bound to find it but who in their right mind would save a phone left lying on a bench? Even if one were to be in a park named after a queen, one would still not do it. It's just too right.

As the victim of my own forgetfulness, i ran towards regret and blamed myself only a thousand times.So that was it. Losing that phone felt like losing the whole wide world i saved in it, one has no idea.

But being in a park which was named after a king, i should never belittle that last, dust of faith i was about to let go.

For then came Patrick, a man in his running shoes, wearing a saintful smile, handing me back my phone.

And today is the right day for me to think of him, way away in a park named after a king.

Thank you Patrick, for all the calls you made to find me.

Coz you did find me.


Serena said...

kak mas, how r u lately? kinda miss you already! no longer teaching public speaking in fuu? anyway, take good care ya! xoxo

Effa Mas said...

Hey girl, i have missed u too! No, i no longer teach Public Speaking, at least not this sem. Sure hope to bump in to u one of these days. Take care ok. Say hi to ur friends for me.

Wiz said...

Mas, you must tell me about Patrick one of these days. I'm gonna lose my phone soon.

Ahau - Dee said...

Nak menyibuk ni ... masa si Patrick call Enida, I ada kat rumah Enida.

Lupa nak tanya the details masa jumpa awak hari tu kan.

Hmmm ... ada sambungan ker pasal Patrick ni? Ahaks!!!