Friday, March 13, 2009

My First Mistake

I went back there where I thought i knew the place. I went back there to see if i still felt it. I was sure i could find what i was looking for. It's just that i thought i remembered everything.

I thought i remembered where each road led me to or what trees lined up to you. But i was wrong as wrong could be. What used to be there were not there anymore and what weren't, are.

I forgot that people move on i really did. And now i have to consider the fact that maybe roads and trees do too. They have to or else they would still be there as stubborn as the promises i made and just wait. So when i didn't see them there, i realized that i 'd been so lost down my own memory lane where i thought there was a turn.

I would have gone back to where i came from but there was a tug that kept me going and i let it. And i went on...taking one unfamiliar turn after another...until i reached that one particular, impossible junction to change, where i saw you.

I remember now. It isn't this place that kept me coming. It isn't the trees that kept calling.

It's you.

It has always been you.

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