Sunday, March 15, 2009

My First Home Visit

Though i wish i was, I'm not a charitable person. I'll frown if i spot little girls in baju kurung standing by the gas pumps with rolls of calendars in their hands, greeting me with Salam. I admire their courage for coming up to me and convincing me of my own sincerity even before i pretend to be interested in their calendars but truth be known, that's all they get from me.

I have nothing against the very concept of charity, no that's not it. I just have problems giving away my hard-earned money to some kids who are too unfortunate to have to hop onto some in-denial-gas-station patrons like me.

So the idea of purposely getting up in the morning on weekends, or any other of my already limited free time to visit a shelter or a home, was simply beyond me.

But yesterday, that's exactly what i did. I visited Pusat Bimbingan Remaja Puteri, Raudhatus Sakinah.

With a friend who had a professional purpose for being there, with a sister who had a personal one, i, with a nudge of persuasion, agreed to tag along.

I first woke up with a headache, i second failed to find my favourite pants, i third wanted to go back to bed.

I finally didn't.

45 minute-drive after, i found myself in front of a very common looking house, with the gate locked. I thought we were too early, but apparently that's how it is. The gate is locked at all times.

We were invited in, given a talk, allowed a look...all that while our heads were busy guessing which girls were raped, which ones did drugs, which ones were the mothers of the 2 newborn babies each of us wanted to hold.

I came home with more than a headache.

I came home promising to go back.


Enida said...

Awwwwwww! My personal favorite post so far! Love it, love it! Well said, KaCher.

Wiz said...

I think the malays say it best..."berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul" kan Mas?

I heard you guys put glow in their faces and twinkle in their eyes. Banyak pahala nya tu, you guys did great!

Effa Mas said...

Sistah, kentiu...hehe. You're always a fan.

Wiz, you're right sesangat. That's all i did actually, pandang.