Friday, February 20, 2009

Up Up and Home

I have nothing against climbing up the stairs, honest to God i don't. In fact i used to purposely go to where there were flights and flights of stairs so i could run them up and down to lose weight because i heard doing that would help you increase your metabolic rate faster and you could turn slimmer faster. And believe me, when it comes to losing all those fat and flab, fast is the way you'd wanna do it.

But after awhile when i found that i no longer had to work hard to lose weight, all the activities that cause perspiration were put to a stop. No more running up and down the stairs, no more jogging by the lake... :) Only swimming once in a blue blue moon.

But when we had a black-out last night and my housemate and i decided to take the stairs up to our apartment on the 10th floor, i almost died! Of course we had first considered all the options but we ruled out most of them simply because we were not prepared with our spare bajus! And the fact that the previous black-out took till midnight to be resolved after a few long hot hours made us choose what we would have avoided if we could. Besides, the guards assured us that they had already called the TNB people and it shouldn't be long from then on.

So...after nervously changing my heels to my flat sandals, dengan berbekalkan a tapau-ed iced coffee - just in case nak berkelah sekejap on the way up tu kan, kami pun memulakan lah pendakian yang julung-julung kali terpaksa dilakukan itu. I was in my baju kurung ok! And i was also carrying my laptop bag pack yang beratnya mungkin berjumlah 5kg ( that was heavy enough for me considering how i hate heavy-weight lifting even on level ground ) And the tangga was so dark rupanya without the lights or the moon we had to suluh dengan the lights from our handphones.

Up we climbed dengan gelapnya, dengan beratnya, dengan tingginya, dengan nak senseng hujung kainnya, dengan nak pegang itu pegang ini nya, dengan tangan sebelah nak menyuluh anak tangga nya...o.h...m.y...GOD!

I told myself tak payah nak rush. Ini bukan an episode from Amazing Race where you go semput, berebut nak sampai atas sebab nak berdiri on Amazing Race carpet facing what's his name? Paul? Phil?... and tunggu he says..."You're the last team to arrive."

Anyway, we managed to get to our door 3.5 minutes later. Not bad at all i know. I felt my face blushed, my heart raced and i was panting and breathing thru both my nose and mouth. Instantly i felt dizzy i almost fainted backwards.

We got in, changed into something less, opened all the windows and chose our spots where we thought were the coolest. I took out my Chinese hand-fan and started fanning myself left and right. My housemate on the other hand, cooled herself down low on the floor where the carpets didn't cover.

The power was back on 30 minutes after our climb.

What was the lesson learned?

Always keep a bag of extra clothes with you, most preferrably in your car, to avoid unnecessary climbing adventure.

And of course, never take for granted what you're blessed the power that works that elevator?

Oh...perhaps i should start running up the stairs again, just in case.


DaNaSh said...

mas..two things that i hate most, power failure and climbing happens almost every other day at school. Panting, sweating..dalam baju kurung lagi..mak oii seksanye...

Ahau - Dee said...

Duduk jer lah dalam keta tu ... pasang air-con, dengar lagu ... ataupun singgah jer di kopitiam or cafe terdekat ... minum-minum, makan nasi lemak ... ha ha ha

btw, bukan org pompuan selalu standby everthing dalam keta ker? I nampak byk sgt harta benda dalam keta u hari tuh! he he he