Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Knock on Word

Do you sometimes find yourself giving advices and for a magical second or two wonder if you'll ever remember to advise yourself the same advice given the same situation?

I just told a friend to let go of his girlfriend since she wanted out. If she wants to be free then set yourself free. I am a true believer of if-you-dont-want-me-then-i-dont-want-you kinda principle or theory or whatever you wanna call it but i believe in it. I think you deserve that much, to not keep your bump where your whole world doesn't want it. To love only when you're loved. Life goes on, get over it and try to stay off of a bridge.

When your love door's slammed on your face, hold your head high and walk away. Hearts get broken and yours wouldn't be the first one. Find a new love. That's a cure.

But, if my love door is ever slammed on my that's a question. Whether whatever i believe you should do is as what i believe i should unquestionably do. Can i just stop staring at my love door hoping that any second it would open again and your head would pop nervously out to see if i had waited and if i had we'd kiss and make up? Or can i just easily run in the opposite direction never looking back hating you more than i have ever hated a guilty soul?

I don't know.

It's always easier saying than doing my friend. I'm just praying that whatever comes as an advice to you, i will never have to go through.

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