Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wasn't a Bird.

I saw a superman yesterday. He had his glasses on and was in his work outfit; blue shirt and black slacks, and a good expensive-looking watch on his left wrist . He came after work to visit his mom who was occupying the bed next to Umi's. Understandable i thought. He didn't smile much but i knew he was worried coz i saw him talking to a nurse for the longest time. And he had an umbrella with him. I wish i had mine.

Ngah saw him too. You can ask her.


Wiz said...

Just to make sure that it is him, why don't you scream for help really slowly to check if he would flinch and turn around.

Cute tak?

Effa Mas said...

Tu la Wiz..! I was so busy throwing glances at him i lupa nak test hehe.