Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A True Fiction

After years of bookless reading, i walked into MPH last night and got hooked on a novel. Yes a novel. Not a self help, not whatever it is they have for idiots, not anything on body language, not a book on recipes using unidentified unavailable ingredients, a novel. Totally fiction.

First it was the title, then it was the synopsis, then it was the quotation that begins every chapter, and lastly, hopefully, the story.

I am on chapter three. Last night i thought i'd go home, take a shower, get into my pyjama, lie in bed and read and finish the book and fall asleep and dream about it all in one breath. But this morning i found that i'm saving it. I wanna finish reading but i dont wanna close the book. I wanna know the ending but i dont want it to end. The first chapter gave me a chill. The second made me late for work. I got to be prepared for the next ones. I could die.

If you dont hear from me for the next 5 days, that means i've gone to heaven without goodbye. But if you do, then that would mean i've still gone to heaven but am back to tell you about it.

Dont ask me what the book is. It's mine. Go find your own fiction.

And come back and tell me about it.


Pp said...

apa nama novel tu....bagitau arrr!!

sounds like best tu.

i just finished reading an old novel..."Honeymoon" by james paterson.

Effa Mas said...
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