Monday, November 17, 2008

Merry Me.

I understand those of you who are constantly urged by your genuine concern over my marital status or in my case, the absence of it. There are so many of you that i solemnly plan to draft a proposal for a proper establishment of a Union so i can easily keep track of active members and possibly reward you accordingly. I am in full conscience that i have constantly distracted you from your daily wife-ing and mothering and it is only in your humble intention that i am not excluded from this fun 24-7 employment. With that said, i encourage you to forward your interest through email or if that is taking too much of your time you can always sms me, or better yet, come over to my place as i'm sure you're dying to know how a bachelor home looks like.

Have a marry day.

1 comment:

Wiz said...

Trust me there are times Mas, you'll be glad of being just merry than being married.

I'm sure your house looks much better than mine.

Twas nice seeing you just now. Hope to see you guys again...sometime.