Thursday, October 9, 2008

When Ending and Beginning Collide

I have managed to run away from here, for awhile. I have managed to not writing just so i wouldn't have to confront myself. I have selfishly denied the truth when the truth is not even about me.

I have convinced her of what i know for a fact. I have prepared her loved ones for what's coming. I have done what anybody would have done.

But what i have done hasn't changed the one fact that i do not know any better. That the words i said were what i needed to hear. The ones i consoled were my own fear.

Fight lah Ummi, sehabis kudrat ke hujung nyawa. Then come back.

We're there, where ever you are.

p/s: Ummi is diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a blood disorder cancer. Will undergo chemo and eventually blood transfusion. For now she's just happy to get to go home before the treatment episodes begin and continue for at least 12 weeks. Berkat doa semua, she's managing and coping very very well despite the new discovery, alhamdulillah.


Salina said...

Dear Mas,

Currently there is a health food that seems to be the rave in the US called 4life. Quite a number of my friends who have cancer even at stage 4 have managed to recover.

It is quite expensive a set could cost up to RM 600. I don't know whether you want to try that. MY grandmother now is having cancer too and she seems to show a slight improvement. The products are sold in Amcorp Mall in PJ.

You can always google about the product if you want more info. I am praying for your mum to as i pray for my tok (she is like my mother because she is the one who brought me up)

Maaf Zahir Batin


Imeirda said...


Keep strong, Your Ummi needs your and others moral supports badly. Know that it is not easy to digest such emotions knowing ur beloved ones sakit. But stay strong dear, our du'a n prayer always for her.

a green rubber band said...

ummi....i pray for u too.
I dont know u, but i read the blogs of ur daughters and i feel for them and for u.

ummi, i love ur smile in the hari raya photo.