Friday, October 10, 2008

Laughter the Medicine

I was waiting to see a doctor at the hospital this morning when this lady caught my attention. She was very ordinary compared to a few unhealthy looking mak datins around us. But i liked her.

As she was busy talking to a few ladies next to her, 2 girls came running and asked...

Lama lagi ke?

To which the lady seriously replied, ..."Lama lagi, mama kan sakit, mana boleh cepat-cepat,. Kalau cepat-cepat nanti doctor tak sempat nak check. Pegi cakap dengan ayah, esok mama balik..."

I almost choked trying not to laugh. Her husband must really understand her for her to even joke about it the way she did.

But as the girls disappeared again, i realized...the girls were not hers! They were actually asking their mother who was the other lady, sitting in front of her. The first lady was only answering on behalf of the other lady in front of her, apparently without much hesitance, nor guilt!

But i didnt care. I was entertained.

At another time i caught her saying...

Dulu..baju merah, tudung merah, beg merah, kasut merah... . Sekarang ni, bawak beg plastic isi buku ngaji pegi surau...tak kisah dah yang lain nya... .

I dont know if i'd get to that stage, to her stage and to what ever stages people seem to evolve into, but her jokes are true. Only those who know how true it is will find it funny. And those who think nothing of it, are in denial...hehe.

So you'd better laugh!


DaNaSh said...

Salam akak..I like the 'tudung merah baju merah beg merah kasut merah' part...THAT was me, a year ago. And the part where the lady replied on behalf of the kids' mother, I experience it too. You hit the jackpot!!!!

domestic engineer said...

Assalamualaikum Kak Mas,
We will reach that stage too when we only bring a plastic bag (hopefully a better bag la kan) pegi ngaji kat surau...kalau umur panjang la. But if we start from now bawa beg isi Quran pegi ngaji kat surau lagi baik kan.