Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Awal Syawal

It's finally Eid. Selamat Hari Raya families, friends, fans (just to complete the F list, i know i have none)

It's been different, as expected. Abah and adik2 arrived noon yesterday, at Ngah's house, Uda and family came all the way from Jelebu to deliver lemang and ketupat and rendang...nyum, thanx a bunch sis. And so we had our last iftar together.

Then later we went to pick up our satay order at Samuri, did our last minute shopping at Tesco, puchased some Raya cookies at Plaza Metro and picked up a few more things from my place before we headed on home.

No cooking cooking other than some fried noodle i made for iftar. The rest was all ordered and fetched and delivered.

Came morning we got dressed, made ourselves up, packed a little of everything for our little picnic by Ummi's hospital bed, and off we went.

I was nervous truthfully. Couldn't predict how Ummi would be. Sad or quiet or possibly nothing of the sort or just plain happy. I brought her a pair of new blouse and pants just in case she felt like changing into something other than those loose blue top and sarung. And i didnt forget to bring her the bracelet i bought in Labuan recently. She loves jewelries.

On the way to HUKM we had to make a few stops still, so my lil bro and i were the last one to arrive. The first time i saw her when we got there, my worries vanished. She had already changed into a new baju kurung sewn by Kak Teh. She looked ready. And most importantly, she had a glow on her face and it took me some time to turn away. She had tears in her eyes oh yes they were there but she was glowing. We hugged. And this time i tried not to even think of anything or else i would end up crying like i always did on Eid. I couldn't cry then. She didnt wanna see us crying, i dont think.

She was happy. She introduced us to every doctor who was passing. That's Ummi. She knows everybody and everbody knows her. She's Ummi. One and only.

Then the picnic, by her bed. Makanlah kami seadanya di atas hamparan tikar brought from home. There were lemang, ketupat, rendang, satay and cookies delivered especially to Ummi's bed by Aunty Pet. We had a good time. No other patients were as celebrated as Ummi that early, that cheerfully, just her.

Then Ummi requested for my brothers to bertakbir a quiet takbir. So bergema lah seadanya, semahunya Ummi... and that's when she cried. I pretended not to see it. I didnt wanna feel it. I just let her be.

Ummi said she was happy. We could see that it's true.

But it's still quieter. It's still a different Eid.


Ahau - Dee said...

Bertuahnya Ummi to have you as her daugther dan anak2 yang lain. Sessungguhnya itulah harta yang paling berharga.

Saat-saat macam ini bila anak-anak dan keluarga berada di sisi, tak ternilai harganya. And yes ... what else a mother could expect ...

I'm happy for you & family : )

Wiz said...

I could feel it too Mas, I could see it in her face. I could even feel the Raya mood the kids showered her with. Having you guys around eating with her made it even more special. It might be quieter but I think it was more meaningful. It was definitely a memorable one.

Effa Mas said...

I believe anyone would do the same for their mom Dee and for us, it was almost decided and done on its own, no lengthy discussions nor options. Tq so much for the call you made yesterday, u really cheered her up.

Yes it was really special Wiz, and you're right, it was more meaningful in times like this when everyone is tested and affected. Tq again for the delivery of those beautiful cakes and thank you for your thoughts Dee, as always.

Imeirda said...

Akak, Having u guys (the children) around her in the morning of Eid is the best medicine for her. She is glowing and no sign of treated patient pun. Just du'a from us here... hope for a fast recovery.

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin... salam for your ummi.

DaNaSh said...

Seronok your Ummi for she has all her children around her...satu satunya 'beraya sakan' yang orang lain x leh lawan.

domestic engineer said...

What an 'interesting' raya celeb that you all had there by that HUKM bed...Can see your mom's happy face and she must be proud of all her kids. Just a do'a from Dubai for her fast recovery,

p/s - Btw, happy belated World Teachers' Day!

a green rubber band said...

and reading abt ur ummi, i cried.

God please make her well again!

Tuan Azmil Abdullah said...

I felt it.