Friday, September 26, 2008

Those Were The Days

I remember when we were kids, Ngah and i. In our then big enough home for us, we welcomed Eid with quite an enthusiasm i must say. With Ummi being busy 'goyang kaki' (sewing our baju Raya sometimes 2 pairs each, red for me, blue for Ngah because there were only two of us then), we too were busy with our very own besen beating butter and sugar still with our very own two hands. Dah lenguh sebelah, tukar sebelah lagi. Nope, no mixer. Never thought of it. Never even knew it. There we sat by the kitchen door, facing a neighbour's house we called Tok Su.

We also had our own cookies that we were first assigned to, but later became our 'signature' as more Rayas passed. My favourite was Biskut Riben and Ngah's was Biskut Kelapa. I think at the time we almost memorized how to make them from Ummi's old recipe book which she copied here and there from everywhere.

Then came the kemas mengemas episodes. This included changing cushion covers and curtains and sapu-sapu inside the house and sapu-sapu outside the house. Ummi and Abah sometimes dyed the cushion covers instead of buying new ones every Raya so we got a few of the same designs, but in different colours and that was still fun to see back then. So for probably half of an afternoon we would witness upacara men-dye cushion covers also done at that kitchen door facing Tok Su's house.

I dont remember much what we did on Raya eves, but i do remember Ummi would make nasi impit dalam this pink loyang bertindihkan a pail of water which we'd have to be careful going in and out of the bathroom because by the bathroom door was where she usually placed the pail.

Sometimes there were pelitas around the house, i cant quite remember. Maybe because usually things yang berapi-api ni Ummi would not let us near, let alone 'handle'. If we didn't have pelitas then we'd have one for us to nyalakan our bunga apis that we circled and circled in the air because everyone else did the same.

Finally on the raya morning, we woke up early and i specifically was always excited to dress up and put on our best kept gold bracelets and rings and necklaces on because only on special occassion did we get to see those out of Ummi's old closet. And then for another half of the afternoons i'd walk around feeling like Mummy Jarum who was not yet born then.

Then we had our salam-salam. I used to drag this ritual honestly. Simply because during the salam-salam i'd be forced to think back of all the wrong doings and all the tak dengar katas and i'd usually cry.

I dont know now if i miss those days but i do have this longing feeling going back there in my head. I miss the carefree-ness back then. I miss the simplicity of life even though i didnt know any better at the time.

Now with Ummi in her hospital bed, i definitely miss her in my Eid picture.


Wiz said...

When did rendang kerang start to enter the Raya episode? Mine started as early as I could remember. But what I remember most was that our knuckles would be knocked with the senduk everytime we tried reaching extra coz only my yeop got to eat it the most. Favourite dia la katakan, and he also favourite son/cucu/anaksedara like that. Aiyo so the geram. Now have to come to your house la to have more of the rendang kerang he he he

Selamat Hari Raya Mas.

Effa Mas said...

Rendang kerang actually is a different story Wiz, nanti remind me to write on it eh?

Sila sila, tapi maybe tak la sesedap your family recipe. But still, kedatangan anda amat dialu-alu kan cumanya, sila beri a few days notice lah ye...ewah. Takut kekurangan kerang kang, tak dapek lah direndangkan.

domestic engineer said...

Aisey apsal lak sebut rendang kerang ni. Kecur liur mendengarnya. Kat padang pasir ni susah la nak dapat kerang. Kalau pun ada, kelihatannya macam meragukan la pulak sebab dah siap berkopek kulit.

Btw, the mami jarum part tu similar like mine. My mom would only let me wear those best kept golden bracelet, ring and necklace during raya...he he. A very nostalgic entry. I like.