Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Achy Breaky Me

Thanks to my my sister's cannot-decline request, we had iftar at my place yesterday. But of course makan-makan such as that does not just come into being with a blink of an eye or a doa round the table. And in my case, it apparently came with a whole aching body the next morning.

That's because a few hours before iftar, i took my very little time preparing dishes for 3 families. I love doing it, no i am not complaining but you see, i'm single. So that should go without my having to spell it out to you, how i dont do that very often. I normally cook for one, and eat for half.

And a few hours before locking myself in my door-less kitchen i did my bachelor shopping - shopping for extra groceries specifically when i'm expecting guests. And boy i went round and round the supermarket hoping and praying that i would see and buy one of those grocery trolleys so i wouldn't have to do numbers of elevator-climbs up to my penthouse unit carrying 20 bags?

I didn't spot one. Two salesgirls whom i interrupted their chitty-chatty pointed to me where i could find the trolleys but unless they thought i could see dead people, i saw no trolleys.

So after the shopping and before the cooking, i had to do what i was hoping i didn't have to do. Elevator climbs. With at least 10 shopping bags in both hands, i fought my way through to my locked front door. Yes i fought my way through. It wasn't easy to even reach the elevator door because my steps were made difficult by the almost-10 bags i was carrying. And to press the button once i was IN the elevator?

Don't even get me started.

Before reaching my still locked front door i literally had to drag myself, - and of course, the almost 10 bags. I really wished i was Mrs. Incredible then. I wish i could first unlock my locked door and then, only then i reached for my almost-10 bags from my car parked 10 storeys down.

Anyway, before i was wishing that i was Mrs. Incredible, i was at HUKM, doing my routine check up on my mom. And she wanted me to bring home some stuff next to her bed. And so i did. It's just that, some stuff consisted of one bag weighing almost 10 kilos if i may exaggerate, and another paper bag weighing more than a paper. Those bags were nothing until i got to the part where i had to go down 24 steps to get to my car. Even though the almost -10kg bag had wheels on it, they sure meant nothing then.

And before i even got to HUKM, that was when i planned my day. That was when i moved so swiftly you wouldn't notice me passing.

So we had iftar at my house yesterday. It went so well nothing went wrong.

But what's wrong is today, my body is aching all over and i mean ALL over, so i'm humbly admitting again, that i am not as young as i have been thinking lately...

Potluck anyone?


Wiz said...

You must be such an excellent cook Mas. I hope your rendang kerang was not in the menu. Dragging kgs of kerangs isn't exactly much fun.

For raya maybe we can just buy rendang yang dah berkopek, ada ke jual mana2 Mas?

Wiz said...

I meant to say kerang yang dah berkopek, sorry.

Ahau - Dee said...

Memang Mas pandai masak pun. Ni nak bodek sama lah ni ... manalah tahu, hujung tahun ni ada orang nak masak kat kita ... he he he

Once dapat jemputan, sesudah sibuk I tunggu depan pintu.

So, Wiz nak join? Rendang kerang pun kira ok gak ... I dengan Wiz jer ... tak ramai.

Boleh lah tu Mas :)

Effa Mas said...

Excellent tu idak la kot Wiz, but i almaklum, anak sulung. Time2 Ummi bermeeting Abah berkursus-ing, i le self-appointed chef nya hehe. Rendang kerang? Mmm...nyum! But no, it wasn't in the menu. Kalau ada, mahu i kopek kat kedai tu jugak kot!

Alah Dee, berpantun berkias pulak ya. Sesudah sibuk plak tu baru nak tunggu depan pintu. Meh la sebelum subuh ke, tolong drag and kopek kerang eh?

Alah dah buat i teringat-ingat rendang kerang la...uhuk uhuk. You tak buat ke puasa ni ehem...

Serene said...

K. Wiz & Abg Dee,

You bet she is an excellent cook! Everything was yummy that day. My fav was Sambal Paru & sotong kunyit. *drooling*.. Oh and the sambal belacan too. Memang sedap!! (Ada tak orang kat auckland dah meleleh air liur, agak2? hahahah)

Thanks for having us at your house kak! We had a great time!

Uda a.k.a Lil Sis

Effa Mas said... lah yang buat hilang segala sakit ni Sis hehe. It was MY pleasure. I love you guys coming over and meng-increase kan volume umah i yang biasanya almost mute je :)

We'll do it again, maybe not so soon, but definitely again.

DaNaSh said...

Hebat akak...super woman, super cook..

I could understand how you feel my sis in law has the same problem...with 2 toddlers some more..mana nak pegang anak, mana nak letak barang, mana nak cucuk punat lif

Jadi orang kayangan memang susah..

Ahau - Dee said...


Sesudah subuh ler ... silap la ... mana ada sesuah sibuk. tu ler jadinya bila baca blog curi-curi ... takut kantoi ler.

Tapi tak nak kupas kerang ... gatal tangan. I nak makan jer. Ahaks!

Ahau - Dee said...

tengok tu ... silap lagi ... sesuah lah pulak.

Anyway, serene & Uda tu orang yang sama ker?

La ... awat tak habaq!!!

Apa khabaq Uda?