Thursday, September 25, 2008


Once upon a time i really believed 'yang baik mesti dibalas baik'. It was like the sifir i memorized, no doubts, no mistakes. For a long while, i stuck myself to it believing with all my might, fearing that if i let it go, i'd fall greater than any Humpty Dumpty on any great walls.

But as many years have passed, i've realized that i've been so rightfully wrong. There is no such a thing. I cant sit and pray to be treated nicely just because that's what i do. I cant expect a You're welcome, to my Thank you.

I have learnt that if i were to be kind, it would be my gambled choice, period. I shouldn't wait for a You're Welcome or I Love You Too. I shouldn't.

So i'll just do my kind business and stop. Stop waiting, stop expecting, stop anticipating.

Just stop.


Ahau - Dee said...


This is exactly how I feel at this moment. What a coincidence!!!

Kalau diluahkan, seperti mengungkit ... kalau disimpan, hati kita sakit.

So, the best way is ... berhenti berharap dan terus memberi.Too bad kan coz we have so much love to give ...

DaNaSh said...

Mas, yang baik tetap dibalas baik cuma kita takkan tahu bila dan dimana, kadang2 kesenangan didalam kesusahan pun dah merupakan balasan kepada perkara baik yang kita buat eventhough org yg kita tolong tidak langsung appreciate pertolongan yang diberi. There are many forms of balasan baik..anything good that takes place in your life dah kira balasan baik . Allah itu maha Adil....don't lose hope my friend because with it we strive to go on.

DaNaSh said...

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin..x sempat nak tunggu your preraya entry cauze dah balik kampung. Enjoy your raya....hopefully everything will be fine.