Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Perfect Stranger

I was tapau-ing lunch this afternoon when a waiter asked me a not-so-common question. (When i say not-so common, i mean, not "Makan sini ke bungkus Kak?" or not "Nasi nak berapa Kak?" or not "Air tak nak ke Kak?")

It is not so common (at least to me) as in "Akak pakai perfume apa? Wangi lah." (You can imagine the smile i had on my face)

And though i have actually been asked the same not-so-common question by a stranger before, it struck me flattery just the same. It's like a pat on the back for my right choice. It's like getting an unexpected approval for my good life that day.

I told the guy what he wanted to know, with a smile. Honestly, i am embarassed to admit that i didn't think he knew what i was saying, but i didn't care.

Truth is, I've been wearing the same perfume for so long i just don't smell it anymore. But that waiter reminded me of what's good that i have then, even just then.

I left the restaurant smiling. A stranger made me feel good about myself today.

He must have been sent.


Wiz said...

Yes Mas, what perfume are you wearing? And was the stranger a guy? That would be double flattery. But if it was from a pakcik, that would be ieeeuw!

Effa Mas said...

Oh yes it was a he, and no he wasn't a pakcik. Tu yang made my day tu hehe.

I am wearing White Musk from The Body Shop. It's not totally an exclusive one since it is among the popular perfumes for The Body Shop fans. But i guess White Musk and I have a good chemistry la kot ewah. :)

Ahau - Dee said...

Amboi korang!

Kesian kat sapa-sapa yg dah jadi pakcik ... he he he

I pernah guna body shop gak ... Activist kalau tak silap ... tapi dah tak jual lagi.

Eh Mas! You pernah hadiah kat I kan? He he he (or org lain? )

Effa Mas said...

Dee, you lah pakcik itu yang dah lupa my gift! Chiss!

Tapi tu la, Activist is another one of my favourite. That was one of the very few for men.

Moral of the story is... Some things just don't last hehe.

Serena said...

sometimes a smile from a stranger is enough to made my day...


Effa Mas said...

Right on Serena! Good to still have you here :)