Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Girl Thing

I was at a cafe this morning, having breakfast alone, at one of the tables arranged just outside it. This particular cafe is usually packed with university staff more than the students even though this observation has nothing to do with the interest of my concern in writing this piece.

Anyway, as i said, i was having breakfast alone when a kakak in her selamba-dek nya meletakkan her bowl of soto right before my nose ( well... not literally). There wasn't any eye-contact to indicate that she was being polite about this invasion of territory. In fact, after placing the bowl, without saying anything, she turned and went back into the cafe to probably pick up her drink ke to pay ke i dont know coz i was too distracted by the bowl.

Then i thought, ok, im sharing a table with another lady. Not too bad actually. I did however notice how full the cafe was. But then, just as i was about to be at peace with the whole new sharing-table idea, another, slightly younger lady pushed another bowl to my nose. This younger lady had a little girl with her, a 3-year-old probably.

As it runs in the family (I am assuming the ladies were sisters), the younger one similarly did not acknowledge my being there first! I mean, just throw me a glance, a nod or something just to... you know, make it kinda ok. But nope.

The little girl however, was having this confused look on her face. Probably SHE felt that something was not right. Sharing a table with a stranger is just not quite ... something.

They made themselves comfortable regardless. The ladies sat the little one down and started to enjoy their bowls of breakfast. But still, the latter was not comforted. The stranger did not disappear.

She was the sweetest face I saw this morning. But she was confused. The absence of boundaries was not at all considered by her hungry relatives. And clearly, she was threatened by it.

And as she tried her darndest might to spoon the soto with her nervous hand, I saw her through her long lashes. And at that instance, I knew what I had to do.

I quickly finished what I was eating and said "It's ok, I'm done" I got up, reached for my things, and smiled at her.

I walked away, forgiving the ladies.

They were lucky.

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Wiz said...

Didn't it just kill your appetite?