Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And So It Is...

I was away for almost the whole week last week. Got a call on Monday noon from Uteh back home telling me so carefully that Abah was having difficulty breathing while experiencing numbness on his arm and leg. I knew right then what it was. And so we rushed home, all of us.

Apparently Abah had insisted not to go to the hospital, but smart Uteh quietly sneaked out the back door and called the ambulance.

Surprisingly, - though with much difficulty - Abah walked himself to the ambulance once it reached our house. By the time we reached Temerloh, Abah was already in Coronary Care Unit - CCU.

And so the story began.

Abah must have anticipated this, as much as we – the children- have. His years of inhaling nicotine have finally caught up with his heart, and we saw it lying weak on the hospital bed in the form of our Abah.

He will never be the same. His life is marked by that suffocating afternoon and though now he’s probably out mowing the lawn, he’s just not the same.

I’m anxious of this beginning. It’s a scary ending.

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