Friday, February 29, 2008

You Never Is

passion for teaching has long been confirmed longer than the number of years I've been teaching...or so I feel. None of my days have repeated themselves and tedious has never been the adjective I use to describe my work. Try it and you'll be writing a chapter of a book, the minute you leave every classroom, everyday.

At university level, (at least at the one I'm working) it has been decided that grammar should not be included in the syllabus anymore. And at a more personal level I so very much agree. Not because I feel insecured teaching it, but because enough is enough. Dah, no more reciting "do, did done" or "put, put, put". No more drilling, no more memorizing for tests.

At this level, just speak your drills and try surviving it. The only voice you hear undermining your ability and giggling away at your unintended jokes is your very own self, so be done with it.

So, came last night when my conviction was challenged by a sentence produced by a second year student, for a speech outline.

"Is u already known where the differences between those dances are?"

Huh? I reread the line ever so repeatedly that I recited it in my sleep!

How long should one give himself time before he finally knows it that YOU can never IS? How much longer do we have to do this?

I need a break. I need to uplift my spirit and rejuvenate my passion...

... and patience.


Anonymous said...

wat u talking around de bout???

Wiz said...

I think you is crazy miss, everyone knowing grammar very well. You is a singular and its make You is la!

Anonymous said...

right on wiz..