Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Way

Things I Tell My Students Never To Do Or Else...

1. Be late - I hate hate hate hate hate waiting.
- I hate to be interrupted while teaching.
- I hate to repeat things.
- I hate people who take MY time for granted.

2. Speak Foreign Languages i.e Malay, or Mandarin, or Tamil, or Spanish, in MY English class.
- You can never learn English, speaking Arabic.
- Unless they don't mind paying 50 cents each time they break this rule.

3. Not clean the board before I walk in.
- It's not my job.

4. Touch face, touch chairs, hold pens while answering my questions, or during presentations.
- It's distracting, they're not going anywhere, anyway.

5. Say "I don't know" when asked what's special about them.
- It's just sad

6. Be shy
- Nobody comes to class naked.

7. Forget
- It's a lousy excuse.

8. Spell my name wrong!
- Just don't.


dee said...

wow! garang nyer che'gu ... anyway, i know how to spell your name correctly ... hmmmm .. I'm a good student kan kan kan

peiwen said...

Hi kakmas ... However there are many rules in your class but i think i will try my best and do the best for you.haha...

Anonymous said...

hi kak mas..first time i came in your class i felt as was in the court.he he,,but i like shows your identity.the way you want us to remember everyone's name in the class has fostered our are the unique one. from ila