Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

Dah tahun baru pun. Sedar tak sedar, mahu tak mahu, it's a new year. Soon umur bertambah setahun lagi. Regardless of February I wish there was some kind of a magic gate that could stop January from ending December.

It was a good year though. I survived it. Career-wise i'm still employed, family-wise we're still whole, personal-wise i still live, and love. How many of us are as blessed as i am?

Welcome 2008! See me live through it.

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pei jye said...

hihi...Kak Mas...i like new year very much! This is because new year means new life begins, all the bad and unhappy things will go away!!
then, i can start my life with a good beginning... ;p