Monday, January 21, 2008

Bring It On

I just finished my class this morning and i thought i would sit in my office and try to do things and look useful. I walked in and was about to open my nasi lemak at my desk when i realized my computer mouse was missing. Zzzrupp! I could feel my blood naik ke muka. Ni tak lain tak bukan lah ni!

I headed straight to my officemate's desk and saw my mouse sleeping there. I knew it!

Im sharing the room with two other friends and this particular friend of mine, this Ayam Knorr is just chickening! This is not the first time things like this have ever happened. She brings her kids to the office, lets them play on people's computer and make a mess of everything. My other friend leaves her kids at home, where they belong.

I honestly dont mind if anyone wants to bring her whole kampung to my office. I have a family too. But come on la... Dont touch my stuff WITHOUT telling me boleh tak? Apatah lagi mess my desk and install games on my computer.

I took my CPU once to be cleaned of all the viruses her kids left me on my computer from downloaded games. I key in password now everytime i switch my computer on, unlike before. I thought i was safe. I thought i outsmarted them.

But one day i found my desk ransacked by some monsters i knew which ones! The little glass ducks i decorated my monitor with had somehow flown south. My stationery plastic drawer was pushed to the end of the desk and it looked as if someone was trying to move my desktop! Aghhh!!

Another day i walked in to my office and almost screamed to see her teenage son was on her computer, even though that was not the first time. No guys were supposed to make my office room at home, don't they get it?

Ive been nice. Oh yes i have. And i do know the right thing to do. I should ask her nicely, and tell her and her kids off nicely.

I wont.

I was not asked nicely for my computer. I was not told nicely she needed to borrow my mouse. This is an office where people work their butt off to earn a living. This is MY computer i pretend to be busy working on so don't anybody dare mess with me.

I unhooked the mouse from my friend's computer and hooked it back to mine. I plan to lock it in my locker before i leave, everyday from now on.

Now where's that nasi lemak...


Wiz said...

I hear you sis, I hear you. I hate it when people take things without asking tak kira sibblings ke, anak beranak ke, husband and wife ke. I teach my kids to ask first, (been trying to teach my hsband tho) unless if the permission is granted they are not allowed to take. But sometimes it gets on my nerves pulak when they have to ask for every single thing like, "ma can I go to the toilet, can I have a glass of water, can I have a biscuit, semua plaks nak tanya, he he he. Rimeh!

Anonymous said...

nasi lemak buah bidara
daun selasih ku lurutkan
hilang mouse hilang sedara
kerna kekasih ku turutkan....

just being silly la kan? dont mind me..

Effa Mas said...

Betul lah Wiz, if one has enough courtesy to ask for permission, ibaratnya, yang tak boleh jadi boleh, yang salah jadi betul, asal pandai menyentuh sikit hati ku ini eceh. Ini berbahasa tak pandai, macam mana i nak berbudi? (Tak habis lagi marah i ni hehe)

Effa Mas said...

Pulau Pandan jauh ke tengah
Gunung Daik bercabang tiga
Hancur mouse dikandung tanah
Di dalam locker kukunci jua...