Thursday, November 15, 2007

So That Is Life

So many things had happened i wish my stories had written themselves out, regardless.

I attended Kit's concert. Was a good happy day. Ummi Abah couldnt afford to miss it so they didn't. We clapped and we peewit(ed) our pretty little dolphin.

A day after that we had makan-makan at my house. Other than satay Hj Samuri, lemang Teras Jernang, roti jala Bibik and rainbow pudding Uda, i made nasi minyak, ayam masak merah, rendang daging and acar timun. Meriah. Uteh and Kak Teh took almost the whole day cleaning the 25 ekor ayam right after Kit's concert. Ampet potong the daging till her muscles ache. And almost everyone - Alang, Ipik, Adik, Yanie, Ummi, Abah, Ampet, even Afiq and Kit -took turn goreng the ayam that they smelt like ayam. Though each time i think about how tiring the preparation was i vowed never to do it again, i treasure the masak-masak time. And so we have planned to do it night time, next year.

The next day, a little dizzy and exhausted, I checked myself in at Royal Adelphi Hotel Seremban, not for vacation, but for a week's work under KPM. It was then my body started to show signs that i was, trully physically worn out.

A week after that I was told i have hyperthyroid. My immune system has failed to differentiate between my healthy tissues and attacking viruses. So my thyroid gland is flooding my body with 4 times the normal hormones thinking that im sick.

Im on medications now. I wont die from this. I have more of Kit's concerts to attend and masak-masak and makan-makan at my house to host. Everything else will have to wait.

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Serena said...

kak mas, take care ya!