Friday, October 26, 2007

Table Manners-less.

Hah! Okay, meh sini dengar ini cerita...

Ampet and I have been looking for good-but-not-so-expensive L-shape tables and we finally found them at Giant Shah Alam. The first time we wanted to buy one (and that was before Raya) the staff told us that it was going to be on promotional price on October 22nd. The table was then priced at RM259 but would be down to RM199.

We came back after Raya, right on October 22nd.

"Sorry Kak tapi sale tu bukan hari ni, 26 hb nanti," he took out some kind-of-a-schedule thing and showed it to us. 26th. "Tapi kalau Akak datang 25th tu pun, harga dah turun dah."

For some reason, Ampet and I were not the slightest bit upset or disappointed with the mixed-up dates. I usually would have at least sneered.

So came October 25th. Yesterday. I went to Giant Kelana Jaya because it's closer. I found the same table, tagged RM199. Excellent.

I approached an Indian lady-staff. I told her I wanted to buy 2 of the tables and that I wanted to take them myself. The delivery service takes too long. My Getz backseats can be folded so it would be just nice for two boxes of unassembled tables.

Came a Malay male staff.

"Kami tak advice customers bawak sendiri. Satu pun kami hantar, ini kan pulak dua. Tak muat kereta, berat pun berat" he unsmilingly said.

"Kereta saya muat. Saya tumbangkan seat belakang. Berat sikit tak apa, bukannya saya nak bawak jauh sangat," I felt my unfriendly me started to take over.

"Okay," he kerek-ly said. I guess he too had started to sense the unfriendliness. "Boleh tu boleh, tapi jahanam lah kereta."

He repeated that 'jahanam' word twice.

For the peacefulness of this country, I pretended not to hear it, and called Ampet.

We took home the tables ourselves, just the way we had planned it. The service at Giant Shah Alam was very efficient and reassuring a staff even helped stacking the boxes up at the back of my car.

Too bad Giant Kelana Jaya had lost our business because of one 'jahanam' staff. I pray that it will describe the rest of lis life.


Enida said...

Oh, if I were you...for the peacefullness of me, I would have said, "Pergi jahanam lah dengan engkauuuu!"


Enida said...
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