Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How Hard Is It?

I've been wanting to write about people who don't seem to know just how serious a damage they are doing to themselves, by not smiling. I mean, how often have we approached a salesperson with the sincere intention of purchasing what's on sale, only to turn around and leave seconds after? Your smile wasn't reciprocated and you ended up feeling like you walked into the shop, to beg.

How often have we smiled at a stranger and turned away thinking that it was a mistake?

How often have we changed our perception towards a sweet-looking lady simply because she didn't return our smile?

I was at a cafe yesterday, ordering a drink. I noticed a lady had ordered the same drink just before I did. Because the lady walked away from the counter, I was 'worried' that the lady might think I was going to take the drink that was supposed to be hers (even though I CAN actually do that because it was the same drink and she didn't really wait for hers). So I turned to her who was then standing at the far end of the counter, and gave her a smile, acknowledging that the first glass was going to be hers.

When the first glass was actually brought out to the counter, she, as-a-matter-of-factly came to where the glass and I were, reached for the glass and walked away. No glances, no smiles, and dream on, no thank yous.


The next time I saw her, I didn't like her. No wonder she didn't have any friends with her. She wasn't supposed to drink while eating. Her tudung didn't even match her baju. What was I thinking SMILING at her? If I see her again, I won't smile. I have to remember that.

Does that sound crazy to you?


CresceNet said...
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Enida said...

Some people are simply not worth smiling at, kan?

Eh Ka Cher ah, you should blog about the staff at Giant Kelana Jaya who 'cared' so much about your car that he didn't allow you to buy a desk!

Now that guy is one helluva tomfool worth smiling about, dok?