Friday, September 28, 2007

Lesson Not Learned

Seeing some girls running around at the bank today reminded me of Nurin. In fact, every little girl I saw lately seems to remind me of that little lost girl.

I cant help thinking it could have all been avoided. Nurin would have been alive today, and we wouldnt have ever bothered ourselves wondering why little girls pass by us, unaccompanied. Is it a lesson waiting to be learned? Or is it a lesson we will never learn...unless.

A few months back, a family lost a boy. The whole nation looked for him. He was found. Alive. End of story?

Bad people do what bad people do but Nurin was not kidnapped from inside of her locked home. Yes it was on the cover page of every existing newspaper how the parents loved her. I didnt doubt that, I dont think anybody did.

But apparently it wasnt enough.

Lets not let go of those little hands we hold.

Please..lets learn.

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Enida said...

I even sleep holding Kitreena's hand these days. Or at least that's the last thing I want to remember falling asleep holding.