Monday, May 21, 2007

You're Right, I'm Offended.

Today's my free day. No classes. I have classes on weekdays. I have classes on weekends. I am at work but I don't have any classes today. So today's my free day.

I got through my first week of 3rd semester class quite smoothly. It left me tired came Friday, but it wasn't anything I've never handled before. But there was one thing though.

One of the requirements for students this semester is to create themselves a weblog. They have to post their thoughts and ideas on that weblog. And what I do is read the posts and leave my comments.

It wasn't easy getting them to start. Very few of them are familiar with the whole idea of blogging. But as they visited the website, they started to get the hang of it I suppose. And so they began writing. Some just left a half-a-line sentence at first. Testing the water so it seemed. Majority wrote about how scared they were the first day we met.

Yes. And I was the object of their scare.

I got upset 5 minutes after the class started. That was even before I knew their names. I got upset before we got to the introduction part. And how easily did that happen?

They made me wait. How long? Around 5 - 10 minutes. It didn't matter to me how long or how short the wait was. They made me wait.

I hate to wait. I despise waiting. And it just blows my mind off having to wait for students on the first day of class! And so I got upset.

They wrote about it, almost everyone of them, expectedly.

UNexpectedly however, after the 3rd day, one student wrote about how he/she (no names were given) thought I should wear socks! (To be fully covered as to appear religiously obedient and sin-less) Allow me to quote...

"...but we want to suggest you to wear a sock and you will be looking more nice.... we all already know that the Aurat of Muslimah.... right...We thing that's we are right.... Thank You....."

Other than noticing that I had to correct almost every sentence, I didn't feel as much when I first read it. I almost felt offended but for some reason I quickly dismissed the feeling and went on reading the other posts. I didn't want to dwell on it.
But Ngah sms-ed me right then telling me how shocked she was to have read what I just read.

And then it dawned on me. I was publicly humiliated.

Though it had only been 4 days, it was a full 4 days. I was already so beria-ia mengajar. We had exercises, and games. There wasn't any time to waste. There wasn't any single second that I cheated. I was so absorbed getting through the lessons and the days that I could literally feel my blood flowing in every nerve of my being! And ALL they saw were my uncovered feet?

Yes I do know the aurat of Muslimah, I am not retarded. But jahil as I may be, it could have been said without having to result in my denial of the truth. I am offfended. I don't care about their niat. The damage is done.
Even if I had a pair of socks in my handbag then, I still wouldn't have worn them.


Serena said...

Hmmm, what's in their mind? they Have nothing better to write than that?
They are not creative at all...

Don't upset, Kak Mas!
They are silly!

pet said...

as i said.. budak mentah..
just because they are kopiah wearing people and studying Quranic something something... they think they are superior than others.. dia lah yang alim.. it's always the appearance that is important to these people...
to even write about this pun is just a waste of everything.. we're happy and doing great before this and will try to stay happy as long as Allah permits...
there.... i wrote more than one sentence hihik

Effa said...

Thank you Serena. If some people think that teaching is the least challenging job, they have no clues of what we have to put up with every single day, in class, mentally AND in my case, spiritually. Ah well... What doesn't kill us will make us stronger kan?

Effa said...

Right on Ampet! You could never be more right about this being a waste of everything. Letih!