Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Ghosts 'Seer'

Let me introduce you my Kitreena. She’s the first born in our family’s 3rd generation. Being the first daughter of my immediate younger sister, she’s also the first of her troop. She’s my parents’ first grandchild. She’s our first niece. She’s the first baby in the family after Ummi stopped at Uncle Flick (name originated from Kitreena’s mispronouncing ‘Fikri’, my youngest brother who is now a 16 year-old teenager). She’s our first angel.

She’s 4 now. Even though she wants ever so badly to be 5 years old for reasons I don’t really comprehend, she’s still very much 4. With her brown almost waist-length spirally hair, big eyes and active mouth, I’m telling you, she’s difficult to ignore. Her innocent transparent angelic beauty is just mesmerizing.

And that active mouth? Oh that is the result of her hyperactive mind. She questions, complains, complements, and demands. YOU have to be quick with her coz more often that not, she can either outwit you, or make you raise your arms in surrender.

“I just saw a ghost Aunty Mas. I sawwit,”

We were waiting for her Mommy in the car one day, at a parking lot. She was buckled up at the back seat, and I, on the front passenger seat. It was a pretty packed parking space, but regardless, it was quiet.

“There’s another one!”

“Where?” I started looking for the ‘ghosts’ she claimed to keep seeing. Running my eyes across the parking space, left, right and across again. There were two guys who seemed to be lost, probably looking for their car. Other than that, nothing else was moving.

“But I sawwit! They’re magic ghosts Aunty Mas,”

“Magic ghosts?” Not alone they’re ghosts, they’re magic?


“How do they look like?” A vision of Casper suddenly came to my mind. Kitreena didn’t sound as scared so the magic ghosts must have looked friendly. “Do they have feet?” From my reading experience, ghosts don’t normally have feet.

“No, no feet” Ok, at least that part is confirmed.

“Do they have hands?”


“Do they have eyes?” Casper has eyes.


“Ok, Why don’t you tell me what they do have. They don’t, have feet, hands, eyes, tell me what they have.”

“They have nothing.”


“If they have nothing, how can you see nothing?”

“Cozzzz... they’re magic!”

Alright, I think I just saw Casper ghosting away, grinning.

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