Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yeah Right!

It was a beautiful night. The air was cool and the stars were out. Ampet and I were on our way home from dinner when all of a sudden she said, “Mas, I’ve been thinking.”

Whoaaa….serious nih. She must have been contemplating (again) on doing her masters degree she’s been talking about for the past year. Or maybe about installing another air-conditioning unit to the living room?

“I think you should write a book”.


I gave her that look. You know that ‘look’ even words can’t sometimes replace? That ‘look’ where your forehead forms a frown, your eyes squint and your jaw drops? That ‘look’ you give when you desperately need to respond but too many things simultaneously rush through your active mind that you can’t wittily utter any words?

“Write a book?” Came the most intelligent response.

Well, yeah, alright, I blog. Big deal. She has read a couple of the posts.

“…what makes you think I should? And besides…what should I write about?”
I could have actually swallowed the questions admitting the possibility that she must have really liked the two posts she’s read. Probably I can actually write…well. Probably I have the potential and flair…and… ( I can really go on flattering myself )

“Write about being single…”

I gave her another look. A kinder one this time. Singlehood?
That is a very selfishly interesting idea! She has apparently been doing some serious thinking!

Singlehood. Hmmm…I will need to work on a more catchy title but yeah that’s the hood I’ve been in for the past 11 years. I’m pretty sure I have enough vocabulary to describe it. Stories, experience, mine, others’. I don’t need to think about whether or not my readers (ehem) are gonna like it, not at this stage, but I’m pretty cutie sure I would enjoy writing it!


“So? What say you?”

Another look.

“Nahhh…I would need a laptop for that”.

It was indeed a beautiful night.

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