Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Plates Aren't Cracked...

I’m at home now. I shouldn’t be, but I am. There’s a 4-day course running and I am supposed to be facilitating the workshop. Program Pemantapan Personal dan Professional. Initiated to prepare graduating students with knowledge and exposure to the working world. How fortunate kids these days are.

The course will include: How can one write impressive cover letters and resumes? How can we be good presenters? What kind of interview skills are we expected to prepare for? Good stuff! My stuff.
I was looking forward to guide the participants with the writing skills, the dos and the don’ts. I was excited to share my stories, interview stories, working stories. I was ready to welcome them to the real world!

First Day.

The opening. I came early. I sat in the front row. I waited, listened and clapped. I left the hall at almost 6pm the first day. Inspired.

The Second Day.

Facilitators were given a classroom each, for the workshop. I came early, again. I had my stationeries with me. I had plans. I was going to guide them with the cover letters and resumes wasn’t I?

I was supposed to have 40 participants in my group. Only 7 turned up.

I didn’t care. That didn’t break me. 7 were better than none. I talked to them about how lucky they are to be attending the course. They needed to hear that. I shared my stories. I guided them with the letters.

The day ended earlier than it should. But with 7 participants, I forgave myself.

The Third Day.

Mock Interview Session. I was eager to act today. I was going to play the role of a Personnel Manager. I had questions ready to ask. I had 7 intellects ready to provoke. I had quotes ready to inspire.

I didn’t go to the classroom. Earlier in the day the participants sms-ed me. They decided not to go through with the mock interview. Reasons? They were not short-listed by the companies attending tomorrow. Not by Shell, Guthrie, HSBC, none. They wouldn’t be interviewed at those booths we set up at the hall. They wouldn’t be involved in the walk-in interview sessions held at the end of the course. They didn’t need to get pamphlets or brochures from those already hired people. They didn’t need to even see how it might look like. They didn’t think it was necessary.

So why bother?

I didn’t.

I’m at home now.

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