Monday, May 7, 2007

I Smelt the Flowers.

How I've missed writing! So many things to write so little time, so busy, so lazy.

So let's see...where have I been for the last 2 weeks?

Swimming at Marriott (sounds so athletic eh?), out-stationing (ewah) at Genting, co-piloting to Seremban and Ayer Keroh, vacationing and tumpang-ing Ngah's Apartment Resort at Swiss Garden Damai Laut, ferrying to Pangkor Island, and snorkelling at Nipah Bay.

Phew! That should be enough to make me sound so active and busy giler! Eh, did I not visit Angkellam at Benom Hills Resort Raub yesterday? Yezza! I sure did that too. I've smelt all the flowers I can literally smell. Lalalala...

So? What did the going around leave me? Re-energized and all ready for the up coming never ending work load?

Crazy aa you? I'm dead tired. My body is all sore. All the bags that I can possibly own are either half packed or unpacked with dirty laundry mounting to the ceiling, my fridge is empty - except for expired left overs, and my face is so unwelcomely tanned! My arms alone look like they've been grilled with a coat of honey. Berkilat!

Tu lah orang kita! The longer the vacation the more rest you need coming back from it. To whom should I point my lentik finger nih?

I'm fascilitating a 4-day course this week. And next week my 3rd semester class starts. That goes on for 6 weeks at least. And my weekend class? Started last weekend, ending after 13 more weeks.


But! Sore or tanned, busy or lazy, I'm breathing.

Or yes I am.


Serena said...

Finally, kak mas updated the blog!
Great that u enjoy urself before 3rd sem started.
Hmm, I'm going to genting too, like a short vacation. need to get out of my little own world, to smell the flowers...
Take care.

pet said...

eh... hello?? u left out marina cove.. the spa experience echeh.. and also best western cherating hihik..

Effa said...

Yeah, you can expect things like this to happen. There will be days when you see 2, 3 posts in a day. And there will be times when you wont see any posts at all in 2,3 days...hehe. 3rd sem has started...waaaaaa!!