Thursday, May 31, 2007


For the past two weeks I've been having this recurring aggravating painful headaches. Panadols and paracetamols have become my breakfast and snacks. (If you're thinking about lecturing me on healthy cereals and high fibre cookies... save it!) Sometimes I tried sleeping the pain away and woke up believing it worked.
(Are you kidding?)
So yesterday I decided to put an end to this self-curing tricks. I waited till I finished work and drove my way to my favourite clinic. (Should one actually have a favourite clinic?) Anyway, the doctors there have always been nice and comforting and accommodating. They explain things without having me asking. They don't just tell what I already know. They care, and I could feel that they do. It's a big deal to me. Besides, it's a 24-hour clinic. Convenient.
I walked in and saw no one. The waiting benches were empty. No coughing patients queuing outside the examination rooms.
Just as I was about to think I was lucky I wouldn't have to wait too long, the receptionist-cum-nurse-cum-pharmacist greeted me by announcing that the doctor wasn't in.
"Doctor baru balik."
Balik? Ok, I can leave with that. But, tak kan tak de doktor lain ganti?
"Pukul berapa Doctor ada?" I asked anyway.
Isn't this a 24-hour clinic? Or am I missing something? Mulalah my mind pun nak sarcastic nih! Dah lah my head has been actively banging!
"Pukul 6.30 biasanya.."
BIASA nya? If hari ni LUAR biasa? The fact the the doctors were nice, and comforting and accommodating doesn't seem all that comforting anymore.
It was 5.30 then. I put my MyKad back to where it belongs and walked out. I could have gone to the next-door clinic. But the doctors aren't as nice the last few times I was there, so I went home...feeling like crying.
That was the first time I went there. The second time was with Ampet. It was 6.45pm when I walked in, the same clinic, the same day, the same headache. The doctor must have gotten there while I was home, so I took out my MyKad, ready to register.
(Alright, let me save you the detail ya. I'm getting another headache trying to even tell it)
The doctor was still not there. He was said to arrive after Maghrib. I wanted to ask "Maghrib hari ni ke, esok..."
But I didn't.
Last night I slept through the headache. Came morning, it got worse. I woke up early only to lie down on the living room sofa for a few minutes more. My mind raced thinking about my class today. Should I just cancel it?
I remember asking a student to bring his cassette player to class. I planned to play them some song-related activities today, so no. I can't cancel class. It wouldn't be fair.
So I got up and got ready for work. Maybe I could drop by at the clinic again on the way to class.
But smarter than yesterday, I gave the clinic a call first. Who knows if the doctor has decided to wait till Zohor today? Tapi tak kaaannn lah.
I called 4 times. No one picked up. Did the receptionist survive the night at the clinic?
Alright. Enough. Too much. I gave up on that clinic. But the thing is, my headache hasn't given up on me, so I made my way to Pusat Kesihatan UKM instead.
You know what...THAT is another story to
See ya tomorrow.

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