Friday, March 9, 2007


Can I not read what I had written? Can I just write, endlessly, repeatedly, emotionally or whatever-ly...and leave? Why do I wanna go back to my own written words?
Because that would mean going back to what made me write, and what usually made me write is what had happened to me. And why would I wanna go back to that?
I used to hate diaries, though I know I've had a few. I'd hide them and when I found them again after some years, I would read and re-read.
And I just H.A.T.E the memories. I hate whatever comes with my written words. I hate the smell, I hate the sound, I hate the touch and most of all, I hate the feelings that come with them. And yet I keep on writing, and reading. I may even keep on hating...but I don't care. Hating the memories has made me who I am. And I don't hate me.

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