Friday, March 30, 2007

Nothing Compares.

We had a Rater's Reliability sission today. It's a session where my colleagues and I sit and evaluate students' recorded presentations. We already had one, two weeks ago on Informative Speech. And this time we evaluated Persuasive Speech.
Two clips of speeches were shown. The first one was to me, forgettable. It was half informative, a quarter persuasive (I couldn't figure out what the other quarter was). The speaker was dependant on notes, she wasn't interactive with the audience, and I, wasn't persuaded. So, forgettable.
My colleagues and I argued on the marks. Basically on why some said she deserved more, some, the opposite. And so went on the argument and agreement.
Then the second clip was shown. Before showing it, the Course Co-ordinator prepared us for 'one of the best presentations'.
Oh really?
I waited.
As I saw the clip starting to play, my heart beat skipped. I know that face! I know that speech! I know that student! One of the best?
Suddenly I heard an applause in my head. And a smile escaped.
My colleagues granted the second presenter an A.
My year is made.

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