Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My Name?

I've read blogs. Maybe not everyday, but I've read them. And today, I've finally come to a day when I feel like it's time to sit my pretty bottom here and write one too. Just one.

I didn't realize I could feel nervous having to write for the first time. I actually didn't. And to think that I'd be typing non-stop without that many blank stares at the screen, I must have over estimated myself - if there is such an expression anyway.

I got stuck at giving my blog a name.

What should I name my blog? What should I name ME if I had to? Should I feel lucky that I didn't have to? But now I need to name my blog. What should I name my blog?

And so I went back to me. The teacher in me asked... "What do I want people to know about me, from the title of my blog?".

Everything? Naah, too generous. Too soon to speak. But it's my blog so...I - of all people - should be the center of it, should I not?

And so... should I name my blog my full 15-alphabets-25-including-Abah's name? Would it then be enough for people to know me? What would my name say?

I'm keeping the story short, I came up with The I In Me. In means what it means. No stories behind it, no reasons.

I'm done for the day. I've written a blog. Hehe...


Enida said...

Yay! Finally! Welcome to the neighbloghood, sis!

Serena said...

Yeah, Kak Mas is blogging!!!